Reject the Religious Discrimination Bill

Together we can stop these laws and keep Australia free from discrimination

Keep Australia Free From Discrimination

Everyone should be able to go about their lives free from discrimination.

But the Morrison Government is writing laws that would see people discriminate against their fellow Australians in ways that will affect all of us.

Australia is a great country and we need your help to stop these invasive laws and to keep Australia free from discrimination.

Join the campaign today.

10 Things You Should Know…

What will these laws do?

The proposed Religious Discrimination Bill affects everyone. It will make it easier for people to impose their beliefs on others. It will allow people to discriminate against their fellow Australians.

The laws would override all federal, state and territory anti-discrimination laws in the country, as well as work health and safety laws, meaning all laws which currently protect people from discrimination would be compromised.

If the Morrison government passes these laws:


A pharmacist could refuse to provide birth control to a young unmarried woman, leaving her at risk and feeling isolated and demeaned.


A church-run early learning centre could refuse to accept children whose parents don’t attend church.


A doctor could refuse to treat a person with a disability seeking stem cell treatment.



A Christian worker could be ridiculed by his boss in front of colleagues and have no recourse if the boss was making a ‘statement of religious belief’.



An elderly same-sex couple could be confronted in their nursing home with posters saying ‘Being gay is a sin’.


A religious school could refuse to hire a gardener, accountant or tuckshop manager unless they produced a reference from the local religious organisation as evidence of their faith.


A woman working for a boss who says her divorce was a sin because women should submit to their husbands would have no avenue of complaint.


A person with mental illness who was bullied at work would have no recourse if the bullies were making ‘statements of religious belief’. 



Rideshare drivers could refuse to carry passengers carrying a ham they won at a Christmas raffle.



Medical centres might be pressured to announce denial of care to people wanting advice on contraception or vasectomies because of the religious views of their doctors.

What can I do?

This isn’t the kind of country any of us want to live in.

Together, let’s send a message to our representatives in the Federal Parliament, explaining how the Morrison government’s Religious Discrimination Bill will hurt everyday Australians, and urge them to reject it.

We need your help to stop these laws and to keep Australia free from division.

Join the campaign to stop the Religious Discrimination bill.

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Don’t let them divide us. Together we can stop this law and keep Australia free from discrimination.

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About the Campaign

This campaign is supported by a coalition of freethought organisations: the Rationalist Society of Australia, the Atheist Foundation of Australia, the NSW Rationalist Association, Humanists Victoria, Sydney Atheists, the Council of Australian Humanist Societies, the National Secular Lobby, the Australian Skeptics, the Australian Skeptics (Vic. branch), the Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools, Go Gentle Australia and The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia.   

We believe in genuine secularism – separation between church and state. Public policy should be based on evidence and reason.

Want to help?

Everyone will be affected by the government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill. But you can help. Every dollar you contribute will be put toward the campaign to stop the Morrison government’s attempts to divide Australia.

Donate now, and together we’ll get a message to Canberra. #DontDivideUs.