When you read this email, please, please, set aside a bit of time to take action!

We need you to write to your local federal member of parliament (MP) to urge them to reject the Religious Discrimination Bill in its current form.

See here to find out who your MP is and how to contact them.

As we’ve seen over the past week at Citipointe Christian College, if this Bill goes through religious organisations will be emboldened and empowered to impose a fundamentalist worldview on parents, teachers and students, dividing Australians along religious lines.

And it’s not just schools. This could happen in hospitals, aged-care homes and other church-owned service providers.

Your federal MP could be called on to debate this Bill in the House of Representatives this Tuesday (8 Feb)!

Now is the time to let them know how you feel.

If you’re short of time, just write something like this (it’s always better to use your own words though):

“Please do not support the Religious Discrimination Bill. This Bill is already dividing the parliament. If passed, it will divide the country along religious lines.”

If you’d like to put some more meat on the bones, here are some points you could write into your email:

  • “I am particularly concerned about the ‘statement of beliefs’ clause. This will give religious speech special privileges over and above any other form of speech.”
  • “This Bill would allow the Commonwealth government to override existing state discrimination laws – unlike any other Commonwealth anti-discrimination law.”
  • “This Bill gives in to the lobbying efforts of a small group of fundamentalist religious activists. The majority of religious Australians do not agree with them.”
  • “If this Bill becomes law, a person who feels they have been discriminated against will have to go to the Federal Court to have their case heard (a very expensive process) rather than having it heard in a free, state-based tribunal.”
  • “If this Bill goes through, there will be more Citipointe Colleges demanding parents, teachers and students sign up to their fundamentalist worldviews.”

If your MP is a Liberal or National, you might want to emphasise how important this issue is to you and ask them to join with those colleagues who are bravely taking a stand against the Bill.

If your MP is Labor, you might want to emphasise how disappointed you are to see Labor choosing to enable religious fundamentalists rather than supporting the non-religious and progressive people of faith.

If your MP is a Green, you might want to congratulate them for taking a stand against the bill.

This is really urgent! Please write now!