The Morrison government’s revised draft of its Religious Discrimination Bill is now before the federal parliament…and we need your help to try to stop it becoming law in its current form.

There has been much news and analysis about the bill since its introduction to the parliament last week, including on how it differs from the widely criticised first two versions.

But one thing is certain: the new bill will, if enacted into law, create widespread community division. Instead of simply providing a shield to protect religious people from discrimination, it also provides a sword enabling further discrimination.

We need your help to get our message out to the wider public.

In coming weeks, some of our #DontDivideUs coalition members will run advertisements on their social media platforms to raise awareness about the bill’s potential for division and how it will affect everyday Australians.

Your donation can help our messages reach thousands of Australians!


The bill has been referred to a joint parliament committee, with submissions due on 21 December. 

The #DontDivideUs coalition will make a submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the bill.

As soon as it’s finalised, we’ll share our submission with you and highlight the aspects of the bill that we are concerned about.

We have to make our voices heard. We know that several fundamentalist religious lobby groups and some government members continue to demand that the extreme elements of the first versions be reinserted into the bill.

We’re pleased to see that some mainstream churches, such as the Uniting Church, have raised their concerns about the bill and its likely harmful impacts on society. 

We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Once again, thank you for your support.

The #DontDivideUs Team