With two parliamentary inquiries now reviewing the divisive Religious Discrimination Bill, our campaign team is busy writing submissions!

In our submissions, we’re detailing why we oppose the federal government’s package of religious discrimination legislation.

We’ll share the submissions with you once we’ve finalised them. But here are some of our key concerns:

  • The bill would cause unnecessary division, based on religious lines, throughout communities across the country.
  • The bill would override existing state-based anti-discrimination laws – in a significant departure from the usual approach to federal anti-discrimination laws.
  • The bill would elevate statements of religious belief above all other statements of belief.
  • In empowering religious bodies to hire and fire based on particular interpretations of religious dogma, the bill would unfairly reduce employment opportunities for non-religious people – and even many religious people of the same denomination – in taxpayer-funded sectors of the employment market.
  • Anti-discrimination law usually applies to individuals, but this bill would allow corporate organisations – for example, the Australian Christian Lobby – to sue.

How to have your say

It’s important we all make our voices heard through the parliamentary committee process.

1. Make a submission

Follow these links to find out how you can make submissions by the following deadlines.

In making your own submissions, please use any of our points above, add your own views or refer to the resources on the #DontDivideUs website. Submissions don’t have to be long. If you can manage even a couple of paragraphs, it will help us stand up against unfair religious privilege.

2. Complete the survey

You can also express your opposition to the bill through a short survey being conducted by the Joint Committee on Human Rights. The survey consists of 10 yes/no questions and takes less than five minutes to complete.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

Once again, thanks for your support.

The #DontDivideUs Team